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Kiel Rucker

My approach to wedding photography is likely best described asfine art photojournalism. This means that the images I capture and the art I create is intimately connected to the relationship created between myself and the people I photograph.It’s impossible for me to spend good time with good people andnothave space for them in my heart. I believe this plays a massive role in my ability to capture beautiful, authentic moments and to turn them into art for you. In short, if we end up working together we are going to become friends.

Together we create this comfortable, fearless space within which you can simplybewith one another. You can be real, silly, ridiculous, intimate, passionate and fearless with one another and I will capture all of it. It’s within this space that my favorite images are born, captured and remembered.

It is likely that you will spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day than anyone other than the one you love most. I will be there with you and for you – as photographer, friend and ally as you walk into your new lives together. The experience of your photography will be as enjoyable and memorable as the images we create on your wedding day. Let’s make beautiful things together…

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