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My goal is to work closely with my customers to design and craft a unique, beautiful, custom kosher tallit that is essentially their fantasy tallit. My hope is that this ritual piece will remain special and meaningful to them for their lifetime.

Every tallit that I make is unique, made totally by me and designed with the customer. Just take a look at the photo gallery and you will see. I am including photos of many of the tallitot that I've made - but only to inspire you. Yours will be different from any that you see here.

I work mostly with silks, dupioni being my favorite, as it fringes so beautifully in a contrasting color. I like to use cottons and batiks as part of the design, but I will work with whatever fabric is chosen. Some people prefer a traditional style tallit with their favorite colors, instead of traditional blue or black stripes. Some people choose to have a scene on their tallit and I have interpreted Torah portions for some and have created many beautiful scenes not from the Torah for others. The techniques I use, coming from a quilting background, are applique, machine and hand embroidery, and sometimes piecing and even beading. I like to work closely with the "wearer", or whoever is designing the tallit to create their fantasy tallit.

The atarah (collar) and all 4 corners are custom embroidered with wording in Hebrew and/or English, and/or a design. It is often something that commemorates a Bar or Bat Mitzvah and is quite often an embroidery of something that the wearer is passionate about, whether dance or sports or music, in addition to Jewish symbols such as a star of David, chai, chamsa, or pomegranate. The atarah is often a quote or prayer that the wearer finds meaningful.

Though I live in Santa Barbara, I am able to work closely with you through emails. I take photos of your tallit in progress, and ask you to choose colors, placement,... to include you as much as you'd like, in the design process.

Sharon Landecker
Creator of Tallits by Sharon

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